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And The Oscar For Best Jewelry Goes To...

How fabulous was all the styling at this years Academy Awards? Of course I had my eyes glued to all the jewels, they were truly amazing! Lots of industry people have chimed in on who wore what best, but Iʼd just like to focus on my favorite. And the Oscar for best jewelry goes to…

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren was the one person whose jewels really impressed me overall. Like wow! I do have a thing for diamonds and Sapphires, but WOW! She was wearing an amazing suite by Harry Winston valued at over $3.8 Million. Take a closer look.

Her gems included a cushion-cut sapphire and diamond necklace,115.27 carats, cushion-cut sapphire and diamond earrings, 25.22 carats, and a cluster diamond ring. If you look at the video of her presenting, you can see the amazing sparkle these beauties give off. This classic look was my favorite of the evening.

If 3.7 Mil is out of your budget check out this suite I put together of Gold Adore pieces. We have a stunning Sapphire and Diamond Ring in Platinum, 17.2 Carats, a gorgeous Sapphire and Diamond rivera necklace, 37.15 carats, and a some wonderful sapphire halo studs, 2.98 carats, to finish the look. 

Here are the links to individual pieces in the store.

Platinum Diamond Halo and Sapphire Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Diamond Halo and Natural Sapphire Riviera Style Necklace

Diamond Halo and Sapphire Stud Earrings in 18K White Gold